Round 3 Livestream - Join us Thursday, August 28

Round 3 Livestream - Join us Thursday, August 28

Last week, voting completed for the latest round of Play Your Way Thursday builds. Your dedication to the Zakarum faith is clear, so tune in this Thursday, August 28 for our Round 3 livestream featuring the Crusader!

Here are the TL;DR details:

Come join me and the winner of our last vote, Deadset, as we don our armor and raise our shields alongside Associate Game Designer John Yang and YouTuber Qelric. We'll be going over the finer points of Deadset's "Leapquake" Crusader build while crushing our foes in Nephalem Rifts, and just generally having a grand ole time! Tune in to and give us a follow to be notified the moment we go live!

See you there!

Can't catch the livestream this week? No problem—we'll have the VOD available on both Twitch and YouTube shortly after the livestream concludes, so subscribe or follow so you know exactly when you can rewatch the glory at your leisure.