Unlocked at level

Bone Spirit

Launch a Bone Spirit that will seek enemies. Deals 4000% weapon damage as Physical on impact.

You gain a charge every 15 seconds and can store up to 3 charges. Recharge time is reduced by 1 second for each corpse you consume.

Skill Runes

Level Skill Rune


Astral Projection

Damage is increased by 15% for each enemy that Bone Spirit passes through while seeking its target. Damage turns into Cold.


Panic Attack

Enemies within 10 yards are feared for 2 seconds when Bone Spirit detonates. Damage turns into Poison.



Increases the maximum number of charges to 4.


Unfinished Business

Bone Spirit explodes dealing 1250% weapon damage as Cold to all enemies within 10 yards on detonation.



Bone Spirit will now charm the target for 10 seconds at the cost of 5% health.

Note: Information on this page is based on a level 70 character.

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