New Diabolical Facebook Covers and Twitter Headers

New Diabolical Facebook Covers and Twitter Headers

It's been a busy year in Sanctuary. When the risen dead aren't threatening New Tristram and Azmodan's forces aren't relentlessly pouring into Bastion's Keep, a few (hundred) wasps can always be found keeping travelers company outside Caldeum. Despite these threats, heroes like you have kept a steadfast watch on the forces of the Burning Hells, and your tenacity deserves recognition.

As a salute to the trillions of monsters valiantly vanquished in the past year, we've crafted some new Facebook covers and Twitter headers so that you can celebrate Diablo III's one-year anniversary in style while staying connected with fellow Nephalem outside of Sanctuary.


Facebook Covers:




Twitter Headers:




Be sure to visit the official Diablo Facebook and Twitter pages, too. (We have cake!)

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