Community Commentary: Name Your Build!

Community Commentary: Name Your Build!

Got a unique build you love to play? Excellent! Time to give it a name.

In this week's Community Commentary shout-out, familia taps fellow Nephalem for fun and slightly atypical class builds in an engaging project titled Name Your Build. In the thread, players are encouraged to design a build for a class (or share a build they currently use) and then give it a name based on what kind play style the build will yield. 

It's a great way to hear about other players' ideas for interesting skill combinations, and might yield some insight on new ways to play a specific character.

Here's the basic format:

  • Name of your build, Class
  • First Skill, Rune
  • Second Skill.
  • Third Skill.
  • Fourth Skill.
  • Left Click.
  • Right Click.
  • All three passives.
  • Link to the skill calculator

So, as an example (as provided by familia):

If you're feeling creative and want to share a build of your own, then leave a comment below or head over to General Discussion and Name Your Build!

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