Community Commentary: Dat Modz’s Crafting Recipe Route

Community Commentary: Dat Modz’s Crafting Recipe Route

This week's Community Commentary shout-out goes to Dat Modz and his "fastest" farming route for the new crafting recipes added in patch 1.0.7.

Looking to collect all the new account-bound crafting recipes, but don't want to use the Auction House? Dat Modz has got you covered with a route he's dubbed “the fastest way to acquire BoA item plans." According to this popular Twitch streamer, the route could potentially yield you a crafting plan in just about 1 minute and 30 seconds.

Here are the details:


  • MP = Whatever you are comfortable with/Most Efficient
  • Kill Ghom Quest (Keep Depths 3)
  • TP to Keep Depths 1
  • Zone into Keep Depths 2(Kill all elites ignore white mobs)
  • TP to Keep Depths 3(Get Final Stacks)
  • Kill Ghom

For those of you who prefer visual guides over text, you're in luck! DatModz also has a video of this route from his testing on the PTR:

(Please keep it in mind that some of the drop rates have changed since this video was filmed. To view the current drop rates for all the plans, check out the 1.0.7 patch notes.)

Did the video help you decide how you are going to find the recipes? Have you found a faster route to farm them? Leave a comment below with your thoughts, or head over to reddit to comment in Dat Modz's original post on /r/diablo!

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