Fan Creation of the Week: Pixel-Ninja Cosplay

Fan Creation of the Week: Pixel-Ninja Cosplay

Not everyone prefers to step into the role of a fierce Barbarian or cunning Demon Hunter. Sometimes, the challenge that awaits a talented cosplayer is recreating a striking, but ultimately lesser-known character -- and the results are often magical!

This week’s community spotlight shines on Pixel-Ninja and her astounding Diablo III Caldeum Nobility cosplay. It took new two months of hard work for her to create her costume, and she debuted it at the 2012 Webhallen Sveavägen Diablo III launch event where it won 1st prize in the cosplay competition.

Pixel-Ninja shared a great number of photos of her process for creating this vibrant and ornate cosplay, and you can find those progress photos on her cosplay blog.

She also shared a number of fantastic photos from her various Diablo III photoshoots that are definitely worth checking out.

Can’t get enough of Pixel-Ninja? Check out her official website and DeviantArt page!

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