Community Commentary: Helpful Hints of Sanctuary

Community Commentary: Helpful Hints of Sanctuary

This week's Community Commentary shout-out goes to the "Helpful Hints of Sanctuary" contest winners over on the Diablo Fans forums.

Back in December, Diablo Fans hosted a contest challenging players to write insightful guides that would help fellow Nephalem learn about builds, gear, budget sets, farming strategies, and more for their favorite classes. The winners were selected last week and now there are five great hero guides to share with all of you.

Check them out!

by Turtel


By Zucchero


By Spectral213


By Projaxs


By Bagstone

After you've looked over the class guides, let us know what you think. Are the guides helpful? Do you have any additional helpful hints to share? Leave a comment below with your thoughts, or drop them in the class threads!

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