Fan Creation of the Week: “Add Me Maybe”

Fan Creation of the Week: “Add Me Maybe”

"Hey I just met you,
And this is craaazzzy,
But here's my BattleTag,
So add me maybe?"

When the evil of the Burning Hells lurks and threatens, sometimes having a Scoundrel, Enchantress, or Templar at your side is not enough. Sometimes, a Crit Mass Wizard simply yearns for a steadfast Whirlwind Barb to have at their side.

This week's community spotlight shines on Archon the Wizard and his video "Add Me Maybe," which is a Diablo-themed parody of the song "Call Me Maybe" by Carly Rae Jepsen. So take a break from your usual playlist, and indulge in Archon the Wizard's creative Diablo-themed musical parody by scoping out his video below!

Can’t get enough of Archon the Wizard? Check out his official pages on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitch.TV for even more video and live-stream goodness.

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