Community Commentary: The Many Routes to Paragon 100

Community Commentary: The Many Routes to Paragon 100

This week's Community Commentary shout-out goes out to Ogeishere and the Paragon leveling routes he posted over on the DiabloFans forum.

Ogeishere recently offered up two video walkthroughs which he believes provide a 20% and 30% improvement over the popular Alkazier run. He also included some stats in his latest video, and would enjoy finding out what others think of his XP-efficient Paragon leveling routes.

SkyHigh also posted a very similar route he called The Big 6, which you can check out below.

So, have you tried out Ogeishere’s or SkyHigh’s routes? Are they faster than the routes you’ve been using to work your way towards Paragon 100, or is there another route you prefer? Leave a comment below with your answers, or simply head on over to the original thread on the DiabloFans forum!

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