Community Spotlight: 2012 Retrospective

Community Spotlight: 2012 Retrospective

This week's community spotlight takes a look back at our fan art features from the past year. If you happened to miss one of our "Community Spotlight" or "Fan Creation of the Week" callouts or just want to take a second look at all the shinies, we've got you covered. Feast your eyes on gorgeous digital paintings, masterfully-crafted costumes, catchy melodies, clever comics, and more from 2012 below.  

Fan Art

tumblr_m1z8ewo5eB1r2nwmio1_1280_thumb.jpg WJYvV_thumb.jpg 560405_200315430087347_745811769_n_thumb.jpg B3NVN1QC3QDS1344283205957_thumb.jpg

"Daily Diablo"

"Diablo 3 Maze"

"Hell Yeah!" Comic

"Azmodan" Sculpture

QYRZDVRR8LAQ1345774709180_thumb.jpg the_demon_hunter_by_saint_max-d4y7frn_thumb.jpg searching_the_truth_by_chaoyuanxu-d50283l2_thumb.jpg

"Diablo Butcher"

"The Demon Hunter"

"Searching For Truth"

Songs, Lyrics, and Covers

diablowent_thumb.jpg anuna_thumb.jpg

"The Sad Goblin"

"Diablo Went Down to Tristram"


"Level 60"

Cosplay and Replicas

YGTP5VN0QCLM1333731004746_thumb.jpg 9C5SOH9J525Y1336590101266_thumb.jpg ODB10NQEUK7M1336590101400_thumb.jpg 3OLX38WEXRAZ1346209599137_thumb.jpg

Zerina X Cosplay

Spiral Cats - Tasha

Spiral Cats - Miyuko

Kamui Cosplay

MNTOJ57727VD1350696899580_thumb.jpg diablo_iii_wizard_cosplay_by_emilyrosa-d5lz9dn_thumb.jpg

Fabricator Djinn

Lightning Cosplay

Don't forget to check out our official Fan Art gallery as well as the winners of the "Darkness Falls, Heroes Rise" Portrait of Champion art contest for even more amazing Diablo III fan creations. 

(And if that's not enough, be sure to visit the Fan Art forum over on Diablo Fans or catch the latest Diablo 3 Fan Art Gallery updates from Diablo IncGamers!) 

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