Poll: Which Act IV Environment is Your Favorite?

Poll: Which Act IV Environment is Your Favorite?

Your journey through Diablo III will lead you across a variety of environments. From corpse-laden fields, to festering underground passages, to windswept deserts and bustling metropolises, there are multiple different landscapes your hero must brave in order to thwart the advances of the Burning Hells. Each environment has its own charm, and (of course) tells its own story. 

Here are just a few examples:


But what we want to know is, out of all these locations, which one is your favorite? Not taking gameplay into consideration and looking simply at the aethestics, what zone or area do you like the most? And more importantly...why?

Since there are so many environments to choose from across the entire game, we're going to break this question down into four polls: one for each Act. This week, we focus on Act IV

(To check out last week's results for Act III, click here.)

Which Act IV Environment is Your Favorite?

Vestibule of Light
Gardens of Hope
Library of Fate
Crystal Collonade
Hell Rifts
Silver Spire
Great Span
Pinnacle of Heaven
Crystal Arch
This poll has ended - Dec 26, 2012

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