Community Commentary: The Diablo III [Urban] Dictionary

Community Commentary: The Diablo III [Urban] Dictionary

This week's Community Commentary shout-out goes out to the Diablo III [Urban] Dictionary over on the DiabloFans forums.

Jaetch's comprehensive thread covers a wide range of popular terms and lingo used by Diablo III players in-game, on the forums, and elsewhere online. The dictionary is always growing, and we highly recommend checking it out! It’s an incredible resource for those wondering about the origins of "1," what "Nat" stands for, or even what science fiction story is responsible for the coveted "Tinfoil Hat."

So, since this is a community-driven project, we wanna know: did you learn any new Diablo III lingo from it? Or was there perhaps another Diablo III term do you think belongs on the Diablo III [Urban] Dictionary?  Leave a comment below with your answers (just remember to keep it clean), or simply head on over to the original DiabloFans thread!

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