Challenge Rift Champions - Week 3

Challenge Rift Champions - Week 3

Challenge Rifts highlight the skill mastery, game knowledge, and dedication of our most active community members. Each Tuesday, we publish the rankings of the top 50 performers for the previous week’s Challenge Rift.

Raise your weapons high and give a cheer as we recognize the top ranked Challenge Rift competitors in the Americas region!

Challenge Rift 3 - 7/10/17

Time to Beat: 6:02.183

Rank Battle Tag Time
1 koakila 3m 27.900s
2 Mikey  3m 36.033s
3  Renee 3m 38.299s
4 Spagetto  3m 38.350s
5 Garfm 3m 44.633s
6 Quash  3m 46.533s
7  thefivebooks 3m 47.883s
8  karatebo 3m 48.566s
9  daylightstar 3m 49.133s
10  Leviathan 3m 53.816s
11  Samaticon 3m 53.916s
12  Symphony 3m 54.916s
13  Vorpal 3m 57.033s
14  DNXXM 3m 58.516s
15  Wootytooty 3m 59.800s
16  Thikket 4m 01.783s
17 Rascalgodx 4m 03:049s
18  germwarfare 4m 03.333s
19  Rbz 4m 04:350s
20  MeenMunky 4m 04.849s
21  TubaHero37 4m 06.883s
22  就站在妳身邊 4m 07.233s
23  UmbrellaHack 4m 07.266s
24 otac0o 4m 08.983s
25 Roflcopter 4m 09.366s
26 kosstheboss 4m 10.883s
27 Ralken 4m 10.899s
28 Chainer 4m 11.133s
29  Shinobi 4m 11.166s
30 Grumplekin 4m 11.866s
31 Lulu 4m 12.816s
32 EagleEye231 4m 12.950s
33 YouDaRealMVP 4m 13.216s
34 Cosmo 4m 13.533s
35 Zen 4m 13.616s
36 bojang 4m 14.816s
37 Holyknight 4m 15.183s
38 Zer0eX 4m 15.200s
39  ukfrogman 4m 15.533s
40  AndyHK 4m 15.583s
41 NeX 4m 15.750s
42 TheThing 4m 16.199s
43 skysJerry 4m 16.316s
44 TheHunz 4m 16.733s
45 DeathDefier 4m 17.783s
46  Dheetrig 4m 18.066s
47 GoDZillA 4m 18.583s
48 Bruno 4m 18.600s
49 snooze 4m 18.650s
50 JoaoAngelo92 4m 18.966s

Note that the rankings above reflect only the Americas region.

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