First Look: Necromancer Set & Legendary Items

First Look: Necromancer Set & Legendary Items

The Priests of Rathma are capable of wielding formidable dark magic – but they must first unlock their potential using items of immense power.

Look below to discover the tools you’ll use to dominate your foes on the battlefield with the Rise of the Necromancer pack. Click on each item’s name to bring up detailed info.

As with other classes in the game, the Necromancer will have access to groups of Set Items. Each has a unique theme related to the core concepts that define the class: blood and bone.






The above items aren’t all you’ll find in your journey! Below are just a few of the over 30 new Legendary powers you can use to strengthen your Necromancer’s already potent skills.





The Necromancer will be here before you know it, nephalem. Which of the above Sets are you planning to play with first when the new class is available? Let us know in the comments!

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