Community Commentary: Sanctuary Around You

Community Commentary: Sanctuary Around You

While the world of Sanctuary is fictional, its characters, monuments, heroes, and villains get to live on through the hearts and minds of players. For those who’ve made frequent visits, it can be a difficult place to forget! And something as simple as a phrase, a food item, or even a voice you hear in passing can evoke the memory of your Nephalem on the battlefield.

For this week's Community Commentary, Monty11 wants to know: what events in your real life remind you of Diablo?

In his thread in General Discussion, Monty11 talks about how he was reminded of his Wizard's arcane prowess when learning about “nephelometry” in one of his classes. But what about you? Maybe you were on a quick shopping trip to the grocery store, yet you heard the bustling markets of Caldeum. Or maybe the old man with the kind smile you passed on the street the other day reminded you of a certain Horadrim. Or maybe you caught yourself wondering if the jewelry store downtown carries that last perfect ring you've been meaning to upgrade.

Head on over to Monty11's thread in General Discussion or comment below with your memory of a moment in the real world you couldn't help but view through the eyes of your hero!

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