Community Commentary: Read the Runes

Community Commentary: Read the Runes

For this week's Community Commentary, let's talk skills runes. Specifically, let's talk about ideas for new runes with Disciple of Erebos in his ongoing discussion over on Diablo Incgamers.

In his thread, New Skill Rune Brainstorming, Disciple is looking for players to dial up their creativity to 11 and submit ideas for new skill runes they'd love to see added to the game. While any and all ideas are welcome, Disciple asks that participants try to keep suggestions in line with the unctionality of the base skill they're creating a rune for and to consider concepts that don't just increase potency, but instead add variety to the skill itself.

If you already have some great ideas ruminating and have been looking for a great place to put them on (digital) paper -- or if you just need some help to get those creative thoughts churning -- then check out Disciple's thread, and be sure to share your comments, ideas, and feedback. If you're not a member of the Diablo Incgamers forums, that's cool too! You can always leave them in the comment section below.

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