Community Commentary: That Takes Skill

Community Commentary: That Takes Skill

This week our Community Commentary touches on the topic of changes you'd like to make to skills and runes. We all have our personal opinions on how certain powers should function, and sharing those ideas with other community members can be a fun and thought provoking discussion. 

Earlier this June, Uldyssian created a thread on asking fellow Nephalem: What is a Skill or specific Skill Rune you wish was more viable (and how would you improve it)? It's basically a big discussion where everyone can chime in with their ideas on how to improve their favorite unsung skills or runes, with the caveat of if you want to make a change you need to also state "how you would alter the function" to make it more enjoyable.

So, do you have any insights on fine tuning skills that you'd like to share with the Diablo III community? Leave a comment below, or click here to join in on the conversation from Diablo Fans.

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