Poll: What's Your Preferred Format for Developer Interviews?

Poll: What's Your Preferred Format for Developer Interviews?

We're always looking for ways to improve communication about the game, especially as it relates to developer interviews. So, for this week's poll we'd like to know which developer interview format you prefer the most.

In addition to voting, please also elaborate on what you think makes for a successful (or unsuccessful) interview: Some examples include:

  • What topics interest you most?
  • Why do you prefer the format you voted on?
  • What sites, podcasts, or streamers are your primary sources of Diablo news?
  • What sites, podcasts, or streamers have conducted the most compelling interviews in the past?
  • In a single interview do you most prefer one-on-one, multiple people asking questions, or multiple developers answering questions?

Keep in mind this is specifically about press and fansite interviews with developers, and not public Q&As. The two aren't mutually exclusive, and we certainly plan to host more Q&As in the future.