Diablo III Web APIs

Diablo III Web APIs

With the recent release of character profiles on the Diablo III community website, we’ve also introduced new Diablo III Community Platform APIs. These APIs allow fansite creators and other community developers to access the same sort of game data available on our profile pages – along with a little extra.

What’s New?

The new APIs we've released fall into two categories: dynamic data and static game data.

Dynamic Data
The new dynamic data APIs include Career Profiles and Hero Profiles, which cover information that changes regularly as people play the game.

  • Career Profiles are high-level summaries of a player’s accomplishments, and are associated with a game account. Here, you’ll find a hero list, fallen hero list, details on the player’s artisans, and information on game progress (such as overall quest completion).
  • Hero Profiles contain hero-specific information, such as equipped items, skills, base attributes, game progression information, and follower details.

Static Game Data
The second category of APIs – static game data – includes Item, Follower, and Artisan APIs. Data provided by these APIs doesn't generally change, and when it does, it’s generally accompanied with a game patch.

  • Item information contains everything you need to know about an item. At this time, we are providing information for generated items – items that are dropped or crafted in-game.
  • Follower information allows you to get detailed skill information.
  • Artisan information allows you to get detailed information on what an Artisan has available at each tier, including the recipes that can be learned and information about the recipes’ requirements.

Check out the DIII Community Platform API forum for more information, including API documentation and examples of how to reference them.