The Waypoint - Week of October 20

The Waypoint - Week of October 20

This edition of the Waypoint focuses on death, destruction, and how to optimize some of your favorite builds! If you enjoy sharing builds, there’s a useful tool for that, too!

How To Use Roland's Legacy In Higher Greater Rifts

We’ve featured Deadset before in our Play Your Way column. In his recent video guide on Roland’s Legacy for the Crusader, he shows us a build that handles Greater Rift - Difficulty 37. If you’ve ever wondered how to use the set in your build, but weren’t sure how to maximize its power, now you know!

A Cool Tool for Builds Gets An Update

If you’ve been following Diablo Fans lately, you’ll notice their “Diablo Builds” tool was recently updated. When you create builds to share with others using the tool, you can now suggest stat priorities for gear, the three Legendary Gems that are best to use, and how to prioritize Paragon points. If you love theorycrafting or finding and sharing new builds, it’s a tremendously useful resource to keep in mind!


Turning Your Primary Skills Into AoE Attacks

/u/Meatheadgaming of Reddit Diablo (also known as Meathead Mikhail) found an interesting way to turn your primary skills into broad-area attacks using a certain set of Legendary Gems. He even shows off his clever combination in this useful video, where he goes in-depth to describe how it works!

Seeking The Thrill of Near-Death Experiences

On Diablo IncGamers, Hardcore columnist Xanth writes about how changes to the game over time have diminished the specter of death by making it more avoidable. While some players push their limits in Greater Rifts, others are content to build up a cushion of comfort in lower Torment and play it safe.

For those playing Hardcore, do you find yourself hot on the trail of death, or is it the other way around?

Hardcore Near Death - Thumbnail.jpg

Learn How To Play Builds With Armchair Rifting

Shrankar of Gaming Uploads noticed his Youtube followers were struggling to understand how to use the builds he shares. To help out, he started creating videos for those who enjoy “armchair rifting” (like being an armchair quarterback). He gives you a build to try and tells you how to handle elites, when to use skills, and how to handle different enemies and environments while he's actually doing it in the game.

We think it leads to a more immersive, "show, don't tell" style of build guide, but what do you think?

What Do You Want To See In The Waypoint?

The Waypoint is designed to share the videos, discussions and guides that are most helpful and interesting to others. We’ve had several people send ideas for what to include, and we’d like to know what contributions your fellow community members made that you think are worth sharing!

If you see a cool thread, tweet, article or video that’s worth sharing, send it over to (along with a brief explanation of why it’s worth sharing)!