Vote For Your Favorite Build!

Vote For Your Favorite Build!

Every four weeks, we open the polls to let the community vote on which recently-featured build you favored most. The cycle has completed once more, so check out our latest round below and cast your ballots for our next Play Your Way livestream guest!

What Are We Voting On?

If you've never joined us before for any of our previous Play Your Way builds or livestreams, you might need a quick refresher on what this is all about.

Every six weeks or so, we invite the creator of one of the player-submitted builds to join me, one of our developers, and a prominent community member to hop online, play the game with us, and talk about their build in a casual setting. How do we select this lucky individual? By opening up the polls and letting you cast your vote, of course!

Vote Now!

You may have missed the past couple of features, so be sure to check out our super-swift synopses below before you finalize your vote!

Week 1 - Bitshift's "Sizzle Splat" Monk

Bitshift#1254 took a popular pre-Patch 2.1.0 build and put his own spin on it, offering an accessible, Lightning-focused place to start for any newly aspiring Monk. You won't find required Legendaries in this build, and if Lightning's not your style, a full Fire version of this strategic mid-Torment level build is also included!

My eyes just get drawn to that poor sucker of a skeleton in the upper right. I MUST GO, MY PEOPLE NEED ME!

Week 2 – PhoenixGod's "Rage of the Maniac" Barbarian

Capping out his Fury and capitalizing on Berserker Rage and Frenzy, PhoenixGod#1842 showed us a spender-free build that's all about making a primary skill shine. Featuring a load of Fire damage, self-buffs, and some accessible crafted gear, trying out the Rage of the Maniac build is a relatively quick endeavor for new and old Barbarians alike. Enjoy this mid-Torment build in Normal or swap in an escape skill or two and take it into early Hardcore!

Revenge and Overpower make for some unexpected, and extremely satisfying, burst.

Week 3 – Majier's "Sweeping Thunder" Crusader

The new patch brought plenty of goodies, but a notable one includes the new Crusader set, Roland's Legacy. Majier#1230 has been experimenting nonstop and shared his Sweep Attack-oriented build that had some (wait for it) shocking results. Packing on-demand and frequent stuns, he's taken a little of the retaliatory bite out of being in melee by dominating his enemies on the battlefield in high Torment difficulty!

Sweep Attack certainly brings satisfying cleaning results — now you see the monsters, and now you don't!

Week 4 – V3dun's "Void Ray" Wizard

If you're a fan of StarCraft II, a Void Ray might evoke memories of battling Protoss across distant planets rather than ground you in the chaos of Sanctuary. For V3dun#2884, it's a bit of both, as his Wizard blasts through packs upon packs of demonic hordes with the icy power of Ray of Frost. Presenting a strong channeling build and backing it up with some Archon survivability, V3dun stands strong in the face of high Torment level adversity.

Stay calm and fire your lasers. Pew pew!

Vote For Your Favorite!

With our latest round complete, which build got you pumped about playing your class? Are you dying to know more about one of these fine features? Then let us know by voting in the poll below and tell us in the comments what you enjoyed most about that build!

Voting will run from today to Monday, October 6th at 10 a.m. PDT and we'll be taking a break next week before our next stream. Keep your eyes posted on for the poll results and the livestream schedule as soon as it’s available!

Got a build you’re itching to share and you just can’t hold it in anymore? Then send it to us using our handy-dandy webform and check our forum post for all the details on how to submit your feature!