Vote For Your Favorite Build!

Vote For Your Favorite Build!

Every four weeks, we take a look back at the last four Play Your Way builds we've featured and offer you a chance to vote for your favorite. The time has come upon us again, so get your ballots ready and let us know which class you want to see us stream next!

What Are We Voting On?

If you've missed out on our previous Play Your Way features or livestreams, you might be a little confused about what's going on. Every six weeks or so, we invite the creator of one of the player-submitted builds to join me, one of our developers, and a prominent community member to hop online, play the game with us, and talk about their build. How do we select this lucky individual? By opening up the polls and letting you cast your vote, of course!

Vote Now!

Before you flex your voting muscles, check out the summaries below for a super-fast rundown of the topics and classes we've covered in the last month!

Week 1 - Deadset's "Leapquake" Crusader

While the popular "Leapquake" build is normally reserved for Barbarians, Deadset#2627 found a way to emulate this playstyle with some heavy duty Cooldown Reduction and a Cam's Rebuttal on his Crusader. Taking advantage of synergistic items and focusing on getting the most out of Falling Sword, this build is ready to rain death from above in upper Torment difficulty levels.

Despite already deriving much enjoyment out of Falling Sword, my incessant giggling intensified upon discovery of this build.

Week 2 – Billou's "Arcane Melee" Wizard

Daring to defy the conventional expectations of a typically glass-cannon class, Billou#1123 stands toe-to-toe with his bold "Arcane Melee" Wizard build. A high reliance on shields and the devastating damage of Spectral Blade with Arcane Orb lets this confident caster tank with his face in mid-level Torment difficulties.

Braving Hardcore with this build is an impressive feat that requires confidence in both your skills and your gear!

Week 3 – Jakarro's "Arctic Zoo" Demon Hunter

Splitting the difference between chilling his opponents and siccing his vicious companions on unsuspecting foes, Jakarro#1521 kites his way to victory and loot with his "Arctic Zoo" build. Elemental Arrow and Caltrops keep foes at bay and allows a pack of pets to clean up the mess, so if you enjoy the challenge of high Torment levels and mixing together multiple styles of play, you may want to give these chilling tactics a try!

Having a hot summer? This boreal build might offer a good reprieve!

Week 4 – Insomnia's "Pyropower" Witch Doctor

In stark contrast to our Demon Hunter friend, Insomnia#1239 heated things up with her roasty, toasty "Pyropower" Witch Doctor! Cleverly utilizing Homunculus for an unconventional damage boost and offering more firepower than you can shake a mojo at, you can expect to incinerate your enemies from a distance in mid- to high-level Torment games with the piping hot potential of this build.

Do you prefer your enemies broiled or roasted? Insomnia’s build can accommodate!

Vote For Your Favorite!

Are you dying to see a particular class on stream? Which of these fine features did you most enjoy? Cast your vote below and join us in the comments to discuss who you’re most looking forward to seeing own face!

We'll be trying something new this time around—voting starts today and will run a full week, ending Thursday, August 21 at 2 p.m. PDT. As we're running a very special event next week, this one hour livestream will be delayed. After voting closes, keep your eyes on for the results and an updated livestream schedule!

Excited to send in your own build for a chance to stream with us? Just follow our submission guidelines and send your build and screenshots to for your own chance to be featured!