Round 1 Livestream VOD Now Available

Round 1 Livestream VOD Now Available

Last week, we hosted our inaugural Theorycraft Thursday livestream. Missed the broadcast? Don't despair! The VOD of our play session is now available on

For our Round 1 livestream, I was joined by Game Designer Travis Day, Community MVP Nolan "Monstrous" Mitchell, and Theorycraft Thursday runner-up Stephen "Leviathan" Stewart. We rumbled through a number of Nephalem Rifts and had a wonderful conversation spanning a variety of topics, including Leviathan's "Zoosader" Crusader, our own Crusader builds, and upcoming itemization changes you can expect in our first major content patch. 

Be sure to check out the VOD embedded below for all the gory details, or click here to view the livestream directly on Twitch.

By popular demand, here are the builds we were each running on our Crusaders:

Thanks to everyone who joined us in chat and heckled my noob-tacular death (Death Maidens OP). Until next time, nephalem—play your way, and don't forget to send your builds to!