Player Spotlight: Glow's Quest for “Paragon 1000”

Player Spotlight: Glow's Quest for “Paragon 1000”

There are a lot of challenges in Diablo III, and while some players have been busy testing their mettle against other players in Brawling or earning every last achievement they can muster, others have heeded the call to push their characters to new heights and achieve Paragon 100. But some especially passionate players have gone above and beyond striving to reach Paragon level 100 not once, but on all five character classes on every available gender and class combination to achieve the prestigious "Paragon 1000."

In this Player Spotlight, we catch up with Glow, who was one of the first players in the world to hit the elusive "Paragon 1000." He was nice enough to take the time to answer some questions about the experience and the challenges he faced on his personal quest for glory.

Q. What name do you go by in-game, and what country are you from?

I go by Glow. I'm from the United States.

Q. Which hero class was your first Paragon level 100 character?

My first hero class was a female Monk.

Q. What made you decide to go for Paragon 1000?

Personal interest and the enjoyment of reaching max levels on everything available. I did the same thing in Diablo II with eight 99s, completely legit. Only a few screenshots remain from that however. Also, I was in a race with another player, but it was a hidden race.

Q. Which hero of yours do you consider your “main?”

Female monk.

Q. How long did it take you, on average, to level your characters to Paragon 100?

150 hours on average. MP0-MP1 speed runs using the Act 3 "Roaha Route". Barbarians were 75-80 hours due to spider farming. Also, these hours are clocked in before the "serious boost exp patch" (patch 1.0.8) which was released just days after I finished.

Q. When did you hit Paragon 100 on your 10th Diablo III character, and what class and gender were they?

May 5th, but it may have been May 6th. I'd like to go with May 5th! Male Demon Hunter.

Q. What did you do to celebrate this impressive feat?

Break! Haha. (It's quite possible had a few drinks.. Nothing that amazing unfortunately. I was 100% out of the stress circle, and was relaxed!)

Q. Did you prefer to level solo, with friends, or in public games?

I did a LOT of my leveling solo, then towards the end I had to party up with people to give me strength. :) Towards the end, I'd say 2 characters in total was mostly circulated from group play.

Q. What was your most memorable moment of this entire experience?

Achieving something no one has achieved yet!

Q. What was your favorite Legendary item or set piece you found during your journey?

Chantodo's Will. It was my highest seller for 2 billion gold that I found it on MP10 in Act 3, Arreat Crater 2, on a white monster. I also have an Oculus I picked up for a bargain... it is one of the favorite items I have.

Q. What about your favorite non-Legendary item?

Mainly all those 666's, and 777's lol.

Q. What else did you do to help pass the time and encourage you on your journey to Paragon 1000? Did you watch TV shows, movies, listen to music, or watch livestreamers?

Music, music, music. And some Ventrilo. :)

Q. What was your favorite change to Diablo III since it launched?

ID ALL (patch 1.0.8)!

Q. What are you most looking forward to in the future of Diablo III?

Getting it for the Xbox 360. :) I hope one day Diablo decides to think about an MMO. Starcraft as well! I'd probably prefer a Starcraft MMO more, but that's just me. :)

Q. What tips do you have for players looking to achieve Paragon 100 (or 1000) in Diablo III?

Be persistent! Don't lose hope!

Q. Any closing thoughts?

I'm glad to have accomplished such an amazing task!

Curious to find out more about Glow’s journey? Make sure to check out his Diablo III videos on his YouTube channel!

Are you working towards Paragon level 100 on you first character or are you perhaps finishing up "Paragon 1000" on your tenth Hero? Let us know about your experiences and personal quests within Diablo III in the comments below!