Community Commentary: Project Nephalem

Community Commentary: Project Nephalem

One of the services currently planned for the Mystic (a new artisan that Nephalem will encounter in Diablo III's upcoming expansion, Reaper of Souls) is transmogrification. Designed to increase to hero customization, transmogrification will give players the ability to modify the appearance of their armor and weapons without compromising any of their power or potency. 

While transmogrification is still under development and many details remain pending, a number of players have already begun to plan out their transmog sets. If you're thinking about doing the same (or are just interested in the idea), then we encourage you to join HonkMonk's discussion over on /r/Diablo. It's a great brainstorm about fashion in Sanctuary, ways to theme your Nephalem's gear, and inspiration for people who just aren't totally sure what to wear.

Players are also invited to share images of what their heros will look like once transmogrification is implemented. Here are a few examples created by Joorkax, haaany, and HonkMonk himself!


So, do you already have an outfit you're planning to transmogrify? Or maybe you'd love some advice on how to achieve a specific look? Let us know in the comments below, or dive in to HonkMonk's /r/diablo thread!