The Sculptures of Chanapat Srinakkarin

The Sculptures of Chanapat Srinakkarin

A few years ago, Blizzard Entertainment and Sideshow Collectables premiered a massive 18 inch, limited edition statue of a Diablo III Barbarian.  While this epic collectable quickly sold out, it left a lasting impression on one incredibly talented fan artist who decided that his own Barbarian statues could use a little company.

This week’s Artisan Showcase features fan artist Chanapat Srinakkarin and his astounding sculptures of the Diablo III Demon Hunter, Monk, and Witch Doctor! His sculptures were created to the same scale as Sideshow's Barbarian sculpture to form an assembly of heroes poised to defend Sanctuary. Chanapat put a lot of painstaking detail into his sculptures, and not only are the figures covered from head-to-toe in exquisite armor and props, but they are armed to the teeth with weapons that lust for demon blood. 

If that wasn't enough, the figures rest on carefully-sculpted bases that feature everything from discarded demon bones to rocks, skulls, and more. Check out all the details below!

If that's still not enough for you, some of heads are interchangeable, such as the face on his fierce Witch Doctor.

Chanapat was kind enough to share an variety of photos with us, and we encourage you to take a look at each of them in order to take in the full scope of his incredible sculpting and painting talent.

Chanapat hopes to create a Wizard sculpture to round out the five heroes of the original Diablo III, but he first wants to level up his own Wizard and do some research about what armor and weapons he wants his Wizard sculpture to wield.

Which are your favorite pieces that he's created? What about your favorite detail on one of his sculptures? What armor and weapons would you like to see him sculpt for his Wizard sculpture? Let us know in the comments below!

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